Pickett Hosiery Mills, Inc.

PO Box 877
Burlington, NC 27217
(336) 227-2716

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We strive to bring great products, quality, and service to our customers through good teamwork, starting at the top.  We recognize that organization, communication, and respect are keys to success.  Bottom line is that we need our customers and we believe that our customers need us too!

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our products and let us know how we may best serve your needs, whether you simply need a great pair of socks, are a retailer looking for a better source for your products, or are simply curious about what Pickett Hosiery is all about!!

Email: info@picketthosiery.com

Phone: (336) 227-2716


Please note that this is a new website and that we will be adding to it often. We plan to begin offering our socks for purchase online in the very near future, so check back frequently!